Masu Pressed Sushi

It is a form of oshizushi (or pressed sushi) that utilizes bamboo leaves in order to compress sushi rice with our salted trout sashimi.


Through our careful consideration of our specially selected trout slices in tandem with our Koshihikari rice, we deliver a very traditional style of Masuzushi for all to enjoy.


The diameter of the container holding the Masuzushi is 6.5 inches.


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Delivery Date : Saturday and  Sunday 1 PM- 3 PM

Pick Up Date :Saturday only  1pm-4pm


To make an order, the order needs to be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Currently, we only provide our delivery service in the following areas:

Zip Code 10036, 10023, 10024, 10019 and 10025.


If your delivery contains 5 items or more, we may be able to deliver further out than the listed Zip Codes.

This offer is only limited to the Manhattan area.

In the event you apply in the case above, there is a need to contact us via email to see if we can accommodate you.

We will arrange for the shipment to be made at your desired time but we may be unable to fulfill your request depending on the condition of the delivery company.


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